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Press 2018:

AnoxiA is back with their sophomore full length effort “TO THE LIONS”. AnoxiA has spent the time since the release of their previous full-length, the critically acclaimed “A Lapdance For The Devil”, partially on the road and partially in rehearsal and the studio, crafting the 9 songs that would eventually become “TO THE LIONS”. The musical direction on “TO THE LIONS” is old school heavy metal – melodic, yet hardhitting and thrashy at times. At times even a modern twist sneaks in. The songs are carved around strong riffing a wide array of vocal variation, supporting the musical landscapes.

“TO THE LIONS” is in the natural vein of AnoxiAs previous works, not deviating too much from the recognizable AnoxiA-formula of heavy metal. However, this time AnoxiA decided on a more direct and clear edge to the sound, allowing the songs to speak more for themselves. The musical direction bears references to the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer, In Flames, and a lot of classic hard rock and 80s thrash.

Guitarist Claus S. Nielsen states: “This time our approach to the writing process was to create aggressive and raw, yet melodic and memorable heavy metal songs that first hit you between the eyes and then stick in your ears! That has indeed been a pleasant journey, however with many a fun detour along the way. ”

Vocalist and guitarist Lars Frederiksen elaborate: “We wanted to keep intact the AnoxiA trademark, but at the same time also to renew or refine our sound. By teaming up with our longtime friends, Ole W. Bertelsen (producing, recording, mixing)) and Simon Joergensen (drum recording) we gained a more direct and dynamic sound than the previous album. Adding Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, who in fact did some of our first demos in 2000, for mastering the album, gave the new album the last boost and we’re very satisfied with the sound.”

AnoxiA is a well-established act on the Danish underground live metal scene, their longevity dating back 20+ years. Hell bent on having fun during performance, AnoxiA approaches any gig fully charged, sincerely convinced that in order for the audience to enjoy, the band must enjoy.


Lars Frederiksen – Vocal / Guitar
Claus S. Nielsen – Guitar
Allan Nielsen – Bass
Søren Frederiksen – Drums

Press 2010:

The idea of ANOXIA was created in Nyborg in 1996. After a couple of demos and lineup-changes the band recorded the promo “Kept In Sin” in 2005, which was warmly received in the press and spun off several concerts. The quality of the sound was finally confirmed in April 2007, when ANOXIA was handpicked to play the international music festival Bilbao Rocks, Bilbao, Spain. The jury of the festival agreed that out of the hundreds of hopeful European bands, ANOXIA had a cool and different sound. However ANOXIA came close to cancelling the show on the very day, due to a sudden airline strike. Hell bent for performing and after more than 10 hours spent in European airspace, ANOXIA did succeed in landing in
Bilbao 1½ hours prior to showtime! The concert became a major pad on the back for ANOXIA.

Following ”Kept In Sin” and the positive reactions it released, the songwriting continued in the same style. Sticking to a sound ANOXIA could relate to, was a
matter of importance in the songwriting process. A true sound paying respect to the old giants without becoming tribute, rip-off or parody. Hence the music has an
old-school touch, but with a modern approach and sound. The vocals are up-front, bearing a crisp character and being spiced up with harmonies. The individual and
unique styles of the guitarists reek of heavy metal and flirt with the best from the hard rock genre. The bass is mostly incredibly heavy, but provides melodic
escapades as well. The drums are old-school and modern at the same time. The drums were recorded by legendary Danish producer Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Hatesphere) in the well-known Jailhouse Studios, which is filled with authentic "heavy-metal-mojo", cemented by the many Helloween gold records that
make up a significant part of the studio-interior. The rest of the album was recorded in Muzirkus Studios by aspiring producer Simon Joergensen. His "newschool"
attitude and his approach to modern metal provided an extra venomous spice in the production. Accordingly the entire session was taken back to Jailhouse Studios for mixing and mastering. Lyrically "A Lapdance For The Devil" is founded on a broad base, and the lyrics
are not fixed to one specific theme. The lyrics handle meaningful topics, and insist on taking a stand and making a difference! The cover-art is inspired by the iconic
album-covers that represent the old school. The cover matches the overall concept of the album and at the same time provides suitable poster-material for
many a teenager's bedroom walls. In other words: An artwork which any fan of heavy metal would hang on his wall alongside Iron Maiden, Manowar and Metallica.


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